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Visual Content Director

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For nearly 20 years, Jackie Ney has told stories through images. As a young photo editor at magazines such as Backpacker, Runner's World, and Parenting, she produced photo shoots and searched stock imagery to capture the essence of what writers and editors were hoping readers would glean from their copy. 

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After a decade

working for major national news outlets, Jackie worked in the fine arts world as a manager at two art galleries in New York City. Lured by visual storytelling, Jackie found her way back to magazines -- this time as photo director of Yoga Journal and Organic Life -- where she led a team of photo editors and produced both still and video shoots for the media outlets, as well as some of their biggest advertisers. 



Jackie runs her own creative agency as a visual director and producer, working on everything from multi-million dollar shoots for luxury car companies to content marketing for natural foods companies. When she's not on location, she splits her time between her homes in Pennsylvania and Colorado.